About the Project

A team of anointed women present their story of transformation to challenge you on your journey by being a bridge across the valley of depression, low-self esteem, and other emotional and mental blocks to unlock your abilities, confidence and worth, and fulfill your God-given purpose. A life that is abundant, productive and impactful.

Aims and Objectives

At the end of 5-days you will walk away with a plan and a new way of seeing how to use your talent and skills and life experience you already have to level up to do what looks impossible.


Based on the Word of God, our presenters take you on a journey over the bridge from insignificance to a life that is abundant, productive and impactful.



Day 1

Equipping Women to Understand and Embrace their identity in Christ

Facilitator: Pastor Karlene Hamilton

Day 2

You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself

Facilitator: Pastor Sarah Vaughan Smith


Day 3

Intro to Spiritual Disciplines

Facilitator: Minister Lisa Reid


Day 4

The Unmasking – Leaving the “undercover you” behind, moving forward in God’s plans for your life

Facilitator: Deborah A. Sage


Day 5

Overcoming a Poverty Spirit

Facilitator: Pastor Forshia Ross