The Bridge to Becoming a Princess Warrior

You have been called to serve

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Welcome to the Bridge To Royalty Program

A team of anointed women present their story of transformation to challenge you on your journey by being a bridge across the valley of depression, low-self esteem, and other emotional and mental blocks to unlock your abilities, confidence and worth, and fulfill your God-given purpose. A life that is abundant, productive and impactful.

Why do you need this...?

You have a talent that God wants to use in a big way!

Do you hear the call?

So what is stopping you?

Could it be fear, guilt, lack of confidence, or other emotion?

What if you could see in God’s word and hear live stories of God using people just like you to overcome those emotional blocks and carry out God’s will?

In order to carry out God’s assignment and to make an impact and leave a legacy, you must transform your mind.


Pastor Karlene Hamilton
Pastor Karlene Hamilton

Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Author

Pastor Sarah Vaughan Smith
Pastor Sarah Vaughan Smith

Speaker, Author CEO & Owner, Unlimited Success Services LLC.

Minister Lisa Reid
Minister Lisa Reid

Minister, Group Leader. Bridge Shepherd

Deborah A. Sage
Deborah A. Sage

Playwright, Entrepreneur

Pastor Forshia Ross
Pastor Forshia Ross

Forshia Ross Ministries. Prophetic Mentor, Author, Speaker.

Minister Ava-Ann Pennyfeather
Minister Ava-Ann Pennyfeather

Minister, Entrepreneur, Bridge Navigator

When You Join the Bridge to Becoming Princess Warrior 5-day Challenge for Free, you will get:

  • 5 days of LIVE trainings starting October 4th at 7:00 pm EST (same time daily)
  • Access to our Private Community in the SPA Women’s Circle created exclusively for YOU!
  • The BridgetoRoyalty Workbook
  • Daily Challenges to empower your growth

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  • Recording of Live event, watch at any time
  • After Live zoom call with mentors
  • eBook manual/workbook
  • Daily inspirational texts
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